Wellness Wednesday!

Oh my gosh, it’s been such a crazy road…my health and wellness journey! I don’t know about you, but this whole pandemic has been a lot of up and down. This Summer was a lot less stressful (obviously) and we were out and about so much. I played around with my diet and felt like Gluten Free was the way I had to be 100% of the time…well it turns out Gluten doesn’t make me feel the greatest, but in HONEST moderation, I can totally eat a slice pizza or some homemade bread.

The problem is, I haven’t been taking my health seriously and I was not loving my workouts. I’ve really been reflecting on my health and honestly the last few months have just left me feeling drained and off. I’m sure a lot has to do with Covid, remote learning with the kids, scaling our business and not having any outside help. It’s literally Joe and I. Our mental strength has got to be strong, but what I am finding is that I personally need to be in better physical shape. What I am putting into my body on a regular basis and how much I’m moving my body are really two things I am committed to focusing on.

It’s all so much, the news, the weather, the Covid—goodness! I just want a break from it all and I am finding that 20 minutes on my spin bike, blasting some tunes and working up a sweat feels SO incredibly good first thing in the morning.

I’ve been drinking coffee again after a 4 year hiatus, and I seem to be doing just fine! I really enjoy some collagen in my coffee and it helps to get me through a workout too. I don’t like working out on a fully empty stomach. But most of all, I am done with excuses.

I’ve tried just walking. I’ve tried just lifting. I just haven’t found anything I’m in love with, but when I looked back on my old instagram stories archive, I noticed what I did love:

I loved going to the YMCA, hopping on the treadmill or elliptical for 20 minutes and then playing with the weights. So, going to the gym is out of the question right now, so why don’t I just hope on my bike for 20 and go from there??

Sometimes we make things harder on ourselves and I really reflected: What makes me happy? What brought me joy and therefore good health?

I’m not even kidding when I say that I have been feeling a hot mess. My back has hurt, I have been extremely tired. My mood has been less than stellar. My creativity has taken a huge dump. Literally nothing was working well it felt like…and so last weekend I took a lot of time to rest, and listen to my body. I got quiet and really asked myself what brings me JOY? Oh hey, that WAS my 2020 word, how could I forget? Well, I’ve been busy and bogged down by pandemic life of course.

Either way, I share all of this with you because it’s not about just fitting into skinny jeans, it’s about having a healthy body and mindset. It’s about enjoying the Christmas cookies, but really having a handle on what good health looks like and feels like. Mental health is just as important, and I truly feel like when we move our bodies (and enjoy what we’re doing!) it helps so much more.

It also helps I did treat myself to a new pair of sneakers and well, that just makes me wanna run down stairs and start moving!

So give yourself some grace, if you too have fallen off workout wagon, but hop back on. Go for that walk. Replace the sugary carbs with some extra fruits and veggies. If you were super health conscious before, think about what made you that way and go back to basics.

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