Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend. I spent a lot of time working on social media/marketing, trying to intertwine all of our sites and streamline things a bit better. I love sharing and connecting (especially right now, virtual is the only way I can do so it seems!!) And I really enjoy making new real estate friends who are aspiring to do more with their investments and create that wealth and time freedom. I also love cheering on other mamas who are trying to do all the things and keep themselves healthy and sane in the process!

I’ve been really eating a lot cleaner and moving my body daily– this has been a game changer for me. My dad and stepmom sent Joe home with some of this homemade zucchini soup and it was so delicious! They grew the veggies in their garden and it warmed me right up during this cold weather.

I love getting happy seller reviews on our sites!! We truly aim to keep things as simple as we can and take the stress out of selling your house. Thanks for the kind words Dan! We are a little jealous he and his family got to escape the cold winters of Western NY!!

A few things happening here: One being my new phone, look at this camera quality! You can see the water spots on my flute! Along with my thumb nail that got pinched with weights. Oops! Charcuterie boards for dinner are a must during a pandemic. This was my last can of rosé bubbles. Summer is truly over.

Help me choose a faucet for our flip!! Stainless steel or matte black?

Cheers to all the coffee and tea to keep us warm and our souls happy. Working from home and staying in quarantine, it’s all about life’s little pleasures.

And lastly, self care reminder friends!! It’s a short week & and ends with pie, so remember this!

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