Weekend Wrap Up

It was a quiet weekend here!

Joe had a bad week last week with his Crohn’s Disease and quite honestly, he spent the whole week in bed. No one truly gets how hard it is when he’s sick, even I don’t know the kind of pain he is in. But he’s a fighter and works hard to keep himself healthy. As for me, my role as a wife to a person who has a terrible disease, it’s hard. Thank goodness for good friends, matcha lattes and wine! I kid, but really. Running our business, taking care of the two dogs, the house, the kids & their distant learning–it’s A LOT!! I didn’t get much time to do a whole lot and it was a bit of a blur. We did slow down and we took advantage of him being bed ridden and watched a movie or two. (Hello, a cozy Fall favorite You’ve Got Mail.)

I’m not complaining, but I try to be as real as possible. Weeks like last week suck on so many levels. I don’t believe in “toxic positivity” but I do sit and write out what I am grateful for each morning and honestly look for silver linings. I’m so glad Joe was able to rest when he needed to, and not rush out the door when his body wasn’t ready. On his birthday Friday, he went to his Dr and then went and picked up our check on selling our land. He laid low the rest of the day and really rested his body. He enjoyed a ‘breakfast for dinner’ in bed on his birthday, and blew out a candle on his banana pancakes. I am a firm believer in feeling the feelings and there are tears when things are hard, but we pick ourselves up and get back out there.

Saturday I wanted us all to get some fresh air and let the kids RUN! The weather was above 70 and we all needed to get out for a bit, even Joe. The leaves were so pretty as we drove around and just enjoyed the weather and time together. After that I spent the day cleaning my daughter’s bedroom and I EARNED my glass of bubbly.

The kids have been having “sleepovers” in each other’s room during quarantine and it’s super cute. They had to sleep in Bradley’s room a few nights because I started dumping all the toy totes etc and one could not walk in Brooke’s room. She is quite the pack rat and reminds me of my sister Bri and Joe!

After that I made some crappy Keto Chicken poppers. Ok, they weren’t totally terrible the next day I warmed them, added to a salad with Caesar dressing and they were alright! I didn’t love them plain with ranch though, they were missing something!!

I also binge watched, — I know, I am shocked too– the Netflix show Emily in Paris. Holy smokes was it so cute! It is totally cheesy, but with all of the heaviness in the world, I felt it was a breath of fresh air.It took me about 3 episodes to really get into it and I literally couldn’t stop. All 10 episodes done. Finis! It made me miss Paris so much! I was so lucky to go as a Senior in High School for a week and then when Joe and I got married, we went to Europe for our Honeymoon. I feel like I need to go back, now that I truly love really good wine & champagne. We are making plans for a few years when Covid is over and we can take the family overseas! It’s also funny because at dinner we play Jazz Music (kids pick whatever day of the week it is on You Tube + the day of the week.) With that, I’ve been teaching them a little Francais!

I’ve been putting together my Fall reading list and it’s quite long! I want to read some of Candace Cameron Bure.Sunday I got some really great reading time in by the fire and we all just took it easy. I did make Sunday sauce (his belly just prefers the carbs!) and of course some of my homemade bread. I also whipped up a quick little apple crisp.

I’m excited that the kids have the day off Monday and that I don’t have to run room to room to figure out who needs to be on, when. Brooke has been amazing and is old enough to tell time and log herself in. Bradley is getting there! He also just loves to run off and play with his toys, so there’s that too.

Here’s to a healthier week and getting lots done! As for our real estate business, we should be closing on another land deal and hopefully on the house in Buffalo! Lots of deals in the works, and really working hard with our team to take it to the next level. As for myself, my sis is helping me put together a workout program that I will stick to. I feel like I am the type of person who needs accountability and hopefully she can help me in some way to be my best self. I’ll keep you posted!

Monday vibes~

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