Weekend Wrap Up

Hey friends!

We have been taking advantage of the beautiful Fall weather here in New York and had a few photoshoots done!! Last week Joe & I got all dolled up and went down to the Historic Corn Hill District for a couples photoshoot.  I have more adorable photos to share, how cute is that one above!? Yesterday, we took the kids to the “sunken gardens” across from Mt Hope Cemetery.  I actually WON both giveaways of a photoshoot, how cool is that?!

I just took a few photos of the kids– I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

They are just getting SO big.  Brooke wanted to wear braids and Bradley looked like such a little stud in his button down.

My babies.

We were so excited to start a new month!! It’s Joe’s birthday month, the kids obviously love Halloween & all the fun festivities of carving pumpkins, scary movies, playing in the leaves.  I love this Emily Ley wall paper download for your phone!

I saw this quote and just FELT it.  Friday I had a bit of a headache, which I never get, and had to rest a bit.  Joe and I always go at our own speed, and sometimes our bodies tell us to rest.  We are getting better and learning to listen more before we just crash, but it’s not easy! Remote learning, running a business and 2020 are a lot! But at the end of each day, we just keep marching to the beat of our own drum despite what’s continuously thrown our way.

We celebrated Friday with our first fire of the season in our fire place. (My back was sore from stacking 6 truck loads of wood in the garage!) Cheers to building big fires & even bigger dreams!  We needed to rest a bit and so it was nice to really connect as a family and disconnect from social media as much as possible for a tiny bit.  It’s impossible to stay off of FB (though I want to!) Since 95% of our business runs on it.  Humans are exhausting, especially during election season.  I can only handle so much negativity!

I totally got off the hook cooking both Friday & Sunday nights. I just needed a break! It comes and goes, this covid cooking! I truly love baking and cooking delicious foods, but 200+ days home and I think we’ve eaten out maybe 15 times, if that?! I didn’t snap any photos, I just dug right in…but I did have Chicken French Friday night and a Filet last night—both were VERY good!! Friday I stopped and grabbed some of my fave red wines to enjoy by said fires.  Josh is probably my favorite out of all of these! 

I saw this and just thought, YES!! How true! There are so many reasons we love real estate, but truly changing lives is honestly the best feeling of them all.

And here is some gorgeous #FallInspo to get you in the mood for chilly days & cozy nights! This photo is not mine, but it makes my heart happy, so I thought maybe it would make yours happy too.

Here’s to a great week! My kids are actually still sleeping at 8am as I finish typing this on Monday morning. I am going out on a limb, but I think the fresh air and letting them see some of the 49ers play last night tuckered them out! Although life is a bit nutty, and staying home for such a long time, especially with so many comments and judgements, has been trying/annoying, I always look for the silver lining. There are no rushed mornings. No one is scrambling to catch a bus or driving super fast to work because of running late. There is simply being. Allowing life to take its course and allowing us to adjust accordingly. I still find myself mentally pushing as if I’m in the rat race, but there is no race. It’s a bit of a mind eff! I do enjoy my early mornings alone and then a walk with my neighbor, but our days look so different right now and that’s more than okay. We are still getting in “all of the things that need to get done” it just happens in an out of the box kinda way. Which, if you know my husband or I, is actually right up our alley.

Breathe. Move your body. Sip the cider. Walk in the crunchy leaves. Count your blessings. You’ve got this!


  1. October 6, 2020 / 3:11 pm

    I love that Josh wine too. I love your date night outfit. So cute. Everyone is growing up so much!!!

    • jenndellefave
      October 9, 2020 / 3:41 pm

      That wine is sooo darn good!! Thank you!!

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