Spring Break & Easter

We had “Spring Break” last week even though we were supposed to be ‘in school’ all week too. Whatevs. We made it to the land last week on a beautiful day.  Note: Don’t forget to bring a bag of snacks ON the walk because 5 year old may die of starvation.
We walked the trails, checked the cams and the kids love climbing the tree.

I can’t get over how cool the pictures of the animals are from the trail cams.  Look how many were chillin in this photo?

While I have no idea what the future holds, I do love it here.  It’s nice to have our own private park to visit especially during this time.

I will say we used Scavenger hunt that Brooke’s school sent in an e-mail to do as ‘classwork.”  Both kids loved looking for all of these!


We may have had a Happy Hour…or two.


Easter was really low key.  We enjoyed these delicious and colorful eggs from my dear acupuncturist! How gorgeous are they?

Brooke dyed some eggs–these were actually fake! My sister brought some over. Bradley wanted nothing to do with it, so we just did them. Now I can save them for next year too! 

Since we didn’t have any place we COULD go Sunday, I had fun baking in the kitchen! I made some really good banana chocolate chip bars with chick peas—yes really! Kids loved them and I did too!! (Gluten Free)

Throw everything in the blender/food processor and you’re good to go.

Definitely check out the recipe here!! 

They are delicious warmed up and enjoyed with a chai latté.


I also made these oldie but goodie Vanilla Cupcakes from scratch.  I love that these only make 12, and they are dense/thick but still light and fluffy. NOT Gluten Free, but everyone else seemed to love them.  I used to love them too!  Recipe here on my old blog.

My Dad and step mom stopped by to wave from a distance.  We stayed far away but it was still nice to see them in person!


Later that day I sat on the back deck and did some planning…and the sun came out! It literally felt like Summer is so near.  I am ready! It was a blessed day. 

This week we have been getting back into the swing of Google/Zoom classrooms and staying more focused on school work.  

Family Time

I never shared some adorable photos from awhile back of us on our land.  We enjoyed bundling up, getting some fresh air and trekking through the snow! It’s hard to stay active when it’s so cold and gloomy, but we make efforts when we can to get outdoors!

This one jumped just as I was taking the photo, stepping on a stick and thus resulting in it bumping her on the head.

While we enjoyed Winter, we are certainly ready for Spring and Summer!


I want to capture every moment, but then I drive myself insane.

Each and every second, could be a memory.

These ages are so magical, and in my heart I find,

it’s hard to not go crazy trying to not leave it all behind.

No more bottles, babies, toddlers,

No more diapers, cribs or strollers.

No more wearing you and waking in the middle of your slumber.


You’re able to ride your big bicycles, smiling your silly little grins.


You play in nature and let nothing bother you, and try to capture every creature.

The two of you are best of friends and it makes us oh, so proud.

Can I keep you these ages forever?  Or at least for a little while longer?

Silly, goofy, crazy.

You are both all of the above.

We never thought we could love anyone more, and then you both came along.

Please let this Summer hold a beautiful story.

I cannot wait to share it with you, and yet I can wait to see.

Summer 2019 will hold the




Our Land: Progress!

I haven’t even taken a moment to share here how the land is doing!  I think about watching the sunset and the sunrise here, pretty much daily.  In my mind, I visualize how peaceful and even more beautiful life will be when we can eventually move.

We met with the guy who would do the driveway and he started his magic!!

Look how cool it looks from a drone shot!

We are thinking we may clear out a bit more, but for now we have a great spot to dump more dirt and fill.   We are going to need a lot because of the high bedrock!

Hubs got a new mower and has been clearing trails to get ready for hunting season.  He did not get any deer last year, so this year we are hoping for 2!  Mama needs venison to cook with.  We all miss it!

We also had amazing news, which I think I mentioned previously, the perc test passed so we can forge ahead on all things.

I do love our home and our neighborhood is nice, the convenience of everything is handy, but man I cannot wait to be in the middle of no where.

Our goal is to build come Spring, barring no crazy life happenings…so get ready for more posts on building and inspiration! If you have renovated or built a home, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and experiences.

I always joke around but the two main areas I want to make sure are perfect are the kitchen and my closet!!  There is a lot to research and figure out before we start breaking real ground.