4th of July Re-cap!

Today is Sunday, the day after the 4th and I have spent most of the day deep cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors (they were so bad I needed to do it TWICE.) Our dishwasher was on the fritz, the small dog puked on my bed (luckily just on the comforter so it was easily washable.) OH and I had the kids try to help me clean, I had them working on the baseboards and dusting…and then bam both of them had red swollen eyes from cleaning? I don’t know if some of the Thieves cleaning spray got into their eyes or they literally were kicking up so much dirt and dust…it was NOT good.  Side note with allergies, Bradley has been really bad lately so my mom told me to start having him rinse off every night and I’ve been changing his sheets every few days.  I have him on Claritin but I really need to get him tested. We think it’s the dog. I just ordered an air purifier off Amazon to see if that helps as well.  I also run the “allergy trio” in a diffuser.

We have been cranking with real estate, and after a quick stint with Joe in the hospital, (another side note, if you think you’ve pulled a muscle in your back but can’t really breathe, it could be a collapsed lung! — more on that later.)

The point being, I have a million things I need to do but I really wanted to stop in and share “THE Fourth of July pic”


How crazy is this?? I had to start a new collage of photos.  Baby Brooke was in my belly in the very first photo and clearly the last one is “Quarantine 4th”– aka didn’t brush my hair, no makeup and gym shorts. It just was what it was!

Joe wants me to put a better one of Brooke in #2, so NOTE TO SELF NEXT YEAR–make a new collage. Goodness. So much I want to write and say!!

We just stayed home (duh) and had fun hanging in the front yard.  Kids sprayed the dog with a hose and each other.  We just relaxed a bit and tried not to talk about work haha.

Mr 4th of July

She cheered all day long “F-I-G-H-T” Fight Fight Fight probably 500x.

I made a delicious chia pudding parfait!

I mixed a can of full fat coconut milk

5 tablespoons chia

Mix and leave in refrigerator over night.

Then I spooned a little of that mixture and added, strawberries and blueberries, a little granola and some coconut flakes.



Dinner was a Bison burger! I’ve been hearing so many great things about Bison, it’s lean and grass fed, not too harsh to digest…and it was SO good.  Joe and kids loved it and it had a really night tender and mild flavor.  I splurged with a GF bun, bacon, ketchup, mustard, pickles.

For my ‘dessert’ I had a faux latté.  I made some Dandy blend, foamed up a little soy milk, some Coconut whipped cream and a little cinnamon.  It was so yummy!

In the evening my step dad came by and we put on a little fireworks show. Even the neighbors watched!  I’m not certain who had more fun, the kids or Joe. It was so fun! Thank you Mark!

It’s not a huge long blog, but it was a little something.  Here’s to a productive evening and an amazing week ahead!  We will be coming up on 10 years of wedded bliss this Friday 7/10/20.  Ahhh!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Need some inspo?!

Me too. Happy hump day!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!!


It’s been an interesting year, hasn’t it? I am just going to focus on positives and light on this here blog, and send love from my heart to yours.

Yesterday was simply gorgeous! It was sunny and in the 80’s — my favorite! Some big things happened this week and we are so excited!

  1.  We had an awesome tenant move into his new home at Conrad Dr! This was the house that had a bacon fire on the stove last Summer.  It took a long time with permits, total rehab of the main floor, lots of issues that sprang up (just because that’s what happens when you remodel!) But I think that the house came out even better this time around! I want to do a separate post on the renovations of this beautiful home, but for now, congratulations to the Sean!

2. I put together my little “outdoor oasis” I like to call it.  Really, I’ve had everything but I did purchase and indoor/outdoor rug at Aldis– $50 for that size seemed like the best deal I would find!  I enjoyed sitting here for a little bit, trying to keep calm over this past weekend.  I also got a Lavender plant, in hopes that it helps keep the bugs away and also I just love the smell!

3.  I finished this crazy book over the weekend.  If you’re into thrillers, it’s pretty good! I didn’t find it super crazy, but I did want to read it quickly to see where it was headed.

4.  This guy.  What do you mamas feed your ALWAYS HUNGRY boys?!  Brooke eats a lot too, but this kid will eat a meal and still want another meal afterwards.  I gave into the fruity pebbles and he loves them…and I know that doesn’t fill anyone up, but goodness!

5.  We wrapped up a deal and will be closing on buying another house in 3 weeks!  We are so happy to help this family out as they start new ventures down in North Carolina.  If you know anyone looking to sell a home, have them reach out to me!  We are doing a $1,000 Summer—meaning, if you send us a house and we buy it, you get $1,000!!

6.  Sister likes to wear her hair like I used to back in the 80’s. I love it.

7.  We’ve been working hard– and as Joe’s shirt says, “WORK, that’s how you get it.”

8.  A must try dinner idea– GRILLED ROMAINE—OMG! I slice the head in half and have Joe just slather a little Olive Oil.  Then he grills it on all sides so parts are a little charred but not burnt.  I then added some fresh lemon juice, cherry tomatoes, here we had smoked some chicken breast, asparagus and some crumbly blue—SO good and light and yet super filling!

9.  My azalea’s bloomed. I Just love their coloring!!

10.  And does anyone else feel like we are truly in an experiment?  I have to find humor because life/this country/world is out of control.  I do hope aliens will not come visit next month.


Feel Good Moments

Though things are strange, a bit scary and very uncertain, we are still looking for the good in all of this.  For my kids, I think wearing pjs for days has been a highlight!  Honestly the weather here in NY has been SO awful, we aren’t getting outside much.  Saturday was sunny and nice so we got out a little but finding different nooks to play in have been keeping these two entertained.


Daddy & Brooke are becoming quite competitive.


My skin has been out of control.  I have been trying several different samples of facial, lotions and potions.  I feel like it’s hormonal and stress, but it’s most likely all the cheese too.  Either way, I’m really working on my skin and using it as self-care.

Enter said cheese: Tuesday seemed like a perfectly acceptable day to enjoy some Charcuterie and a mimosa. 

Thursday we went live on Facebook and Instagram.  We are loving our “Jenn & Joe Show” and would love to have you stop by and say hello! We talk all things real estate, rent to own, credit repair etc.  Thursdays at 3pm est!  (Joe is also putting together a bloopers video so stay tuned for that nonsense as well!)

I made a delicious Apple Celery Juice from The Medical Medium.  

4 apples

4-5 celery stalks. 

4 inches of ginger.


Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and serve in a jar because it looks cool and all.  

We had a dance off Friday night.  I legit worked up such a sweat, my Apple watch asked me if I was doing an indoor run!
Lazy late morning breakfasts.

Brooke and Joe went to the land with Bailey and I decided to organize and clean out the office/craft area.  Since we spend so much time in the office now, it was so cluttered with the kids stuff it was hard to concentrate.  Plus I didn’t have any “desk space” since Joe took back his desk.  We are so happy to have the clutter removed. (I may have thrown out a whole bag of garbage from throughout the last 7 years!)

Brooke is taking to dressing like the characters on Just Dance. 

The kids also set up a Lemonade Stand, behind the couch since, #socialdistancing and as much as the extra ‘stuff’ everywhere, the kids are stuck inside too, so we are trying to let them play and be creative, no matter the mess!
School work is never boring!! I don’t make them do tons of worksheets, but Bradley was just learning how to write numbers and spell out his last name.  I bought these workbooks last Summer and they are of good use right now!


I always try to take apart some of the workbooks Brooke has done and do some of the activities she didn’t have to do with her teacher.  Apparently for her 1st grade, she’s supposed to be doing 2 hours of school work a day.  1/2 hour is the program I-Ready and she has direct instruction 2 days a week for 1 hr a piece.  I think that may be changing this week, so we’ll roll with whatever!



We’ve been eating great and brainstorming a ton with our businesses.  Other than the weather, we really can’t complain!! I am seriously hoping the sun comes back soon and we get some hot weather.  Our bodies need it! 

What were some feel good moments for you this past week?