Seller Stories

Every week Joe and I go live on Facebook and Instagram and share different ways we are able to help people.  We are a local Rochester, NY couple and we buy and sell houses!

In this video we share how we were able to help out an overwhelmed single mom out by buying her house.  Sometimes owning a home can be too much for someone and although she only had her house for just a few years, we were able to make sure she did not lose money.  In fact, she actually walked away with cash!

It makes us feel good that we could help her and her son out.  Now she can focus on taking care of her family, working and not deal with the maintenance of a maintaining a home.  (Hello lawn care, unexpected expected expenses and all of the headaches that can happen if you’re not prepared.)

Check out this week’s video!


And here is Natasha’s review on working with us! This video is walking out after closing. It really is that simple!



We are still offering $1000 if you refer us a seller and we buy the property!

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