Seller Stories Sunday

Happy Sunday!

I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving, even if it looked a little (or a lot) differently this year. We spent some time outside with my family the day before and actually did a “food swap” so we didn’t have to make ALL the sides ourselves!

This week was a busy one for out team as well. We meet almost daily and go over deals, the seller situations and how to create win win scenarios for everyone. This week Steve stopped by a seller’s house to ok some paperwork, and it turns out he knew the grandson! He saw a photo on the fridge and once again, just shows what a small world it is. It’s so important to build rapport and get to know people. It’s not just about acquiring properties, it’s about really helping people and their unique situation.

We have here a seller testimony from a local couple who wanted to sell their home fast, as is so that they could go move to Arizona to be closer to all of their grand babies! They describe our process as, “wonderful, painless, and VERY EASY!”

In this quick video, I share the two sellers we spoke to on Saturday. One has an investment property he’s looking to sell. He no longer wants to rent it to his friend. The other is a woman who moved out of her house and into a new one back in June! She’s been making two payments and is ready to stop spending her hard earned money on a vacant home.

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