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It looks so easy when you scroll the gram. You see the shiny white spaces, crisp clean & pressed clothes. Freshly handed Starbucks cups– lights, camera, action!!

But the reality is, most days I am in comfy sweats, no makeup, unbrushed hair in a bun and bouncing between cooking meals for my family, helping kids with homeschooling, tackling one of our businesses.

I know I can’t do everything, so this year I am working on delegating more. It’s just super hard when I am a good cook (anyone know of local & decent meal prep services??) Wegmans ready meals has been a lifesaver lately. I am also a former teacher, so the majority of the teaching falls onto my lap with the kids, which I enjoy but I also LOVE working on our business. I would like more time to work on our coaching though. I find social media so fascinating and just how we organically grew our Rent to Own and some of our Jenn Buys, I know the how to organically grow our coaching. I just need more time.

I think of all that is on my plate and it’s all a choice, I know. I share this because I see so many people hide from doing the actually hard work. You just have to pick up the phone and talk with sellers. Pick up the phone and message people. It’s not hard but it can be uncomfortable at first, but without this part you have no business!

I selfishly am making myself blog to get back into the groove of writing. We have our coaching site in which my goal is to launch weekly blogs and attach a video. Once again, totally doable I just need to make the time to do it!

As for my personal health, I’ve been feeling pretty good! The ringing in my ears is annoying as ever, Tinnitus sucks, but the less I focus on it the better I am. I started a new workout program Job 1– so far I am loving it! 20 minutes a day and no excuses. I don’t love long workouts unless they’re dance based and though I hate to admit it, I am SO sore even after 4 days of just 20 minutes a day. That’s good though! I also take walks with my neighbor friend Katie when it’s not too cold, which it has been a bit too cold.

I am not quite ready for our big trip to FL but I am also SO ready to leave the winter doldrums. I think getting away will put so much into perspective and truly help us figure out what our next right move will be. We have some major decisions to make regarding where we want to live, to keep homeschooling or to send the kiddos back…all this adulting is exciting and also nerve-wracking. Never have we ever had the options to live ANYWHERE we want. We can literally choose our own adventure and that is pretty amazing.

This weekend the NINERS play the Lambs — as my son and husband would say. If we win this, we are onto the Super Bowl again! We will be cheering them on in front of the fire.

If you’re reading this, tell me below what weekend plans do you have?

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