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Happy Hump Day!!

I miss the keyboard…so hello!  Some randoms from last week/end.

Last Thursday we took the kids to see Dino World Live Tour.  It was pretty awesome.  It was part of their birthday gift and Bradley was totally in his element.  He could ROAR as loud as he could and so did all the other crazy kiddos in the theater.

I knew the kids would have a snow day Friday, as the weather turned bad quickly.

Luckily our trustee sitter was free to take them both, since I had an Endoscopy scheduled.  I took a glamour shot for ya!  All is well, for the most part.  My esophagus is fine, (yay!) but my stomach is inflamed and irritated so the Doc gave me Prevacid to take before breakfast and dinner. I’m not loving it, but I’m going to actually try taking it for the month to see if my GERD symptoms improve.  I don’t eat spicy foods, coffee, no alcohol, I’m watching every thing going into my mouth….not fun BUT I am alive and mostly healthy!

After fasting from 9:30 pm (no water either!!) until 3pm I was ready for some food!! We grabbed some sushi and as much as I wanted some spicy tuna, hubby talked me out of it since that would be a terrible idea after what I just went through, on top of having an inflamed belly.

Joe had the weekend off–woop! So we did breakfast Saturday morning.  These two hams are something else I tell ya!

After that I took them to a birthday party and Joe did some real estate work.

I started looking through my old blog “Bliss to Bean,” any of you remember her??  And I stumbled on this post from February of 2016:

How crazy is that?? I basically flipped two homes in the last few months and have been really studying a lot more of the real estate business, so that when baby boy is in Kinder full day, mama will not be bored!!  It reminded me of the Demi Lavoto putting her tweet out there saying she would sing the national anthem at the super bowl one day….The universe has your back!! Our words and actions matter.  What do you want?!

I want to give these a try — (the whole Acid Watcher Diet is so boring, but hopefully helping!)


And my girl crush/bestie Christina (from above) partnered up with Cara and they’re launching a cook book soon!  These sound yummy!


And this is something I am dying to make and serve over cauli mash.



Other than reading a bunch of books (blog post coming!!) and binging on Christina on the Coast, and dealing with some internet Trolls, life is pretty much normal around here!!

Hope you have a fabulous day!


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