I turned 40!!

We’ve been cranking with our business but I had to stop and share some snippets from my 40th birthday! My husband, sister, kids and friends made my day extra special.  I don’t know how my sis knew, but I secretly wanted the big 4 0 balloons and she went above and beyond by doing a rose gold theme! 
Thank you so much to Joe for making my whole weekend amazing.  It was seriously an incredible way to bring in my 40th year of life. 
Thank you so Brianna! I had so much fun celebrating and you made my birthday so special.  She even took the kids overnight so Joe and I could have a fancy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  

My neighbor bestie came down with her hubby and kiddos — so that was great they all played nicely!

Hubby made sure to grab a fancy bottle of bubbly to cheers to my special day.  Veuve is seriously one of my favorite champagnes.  We did have a “Driveway Birthday 2.0” since we are still trying to stay socially distanced.  Check out my adult piñata that my sister filled with all sorts of goodies!
Brianna also went so far as to grab the world’s biggest wine glass…it was actually really hard to drink out of! Haha


My sister even made me my FAVORITE cake, one that my mom used to bake me every year, a German Chocolate cake! She added brownies on the bottom too, so that was extra yummy! 
I will say that turning 40 was a little crazy, in the sense that I was reflecting and maybe being a bit harsh on myself for “not being exactly where I want to be yet” but I know that we are working hard on creating our dreams and I am so grateful for each day I am given.  So many lessons have been learned throughout the year and honestly throughout my life.  I feel very in tune with where I want to go in life and know that tomorrow is never promised. I look forward to all of the memories we will make this upcoming year. 

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