I confess…

Happy Friday!

I used to do a super fun link up called Thursday Confessions– I LOVED IT! I think it was a pretty popular read too. Does anyone know of any linkups like that these days?? I know it’s not Thursday but I thought it’d still be fun to kick it back with a post like this.

It’s just a great way to almost “brain dump” all the things floating around inside my mind and share, in hopes it either brightens someone’s day, make someone feel less alone, or even bring a laugh to two!

I Confess…

…guys I have no idea how to properly intro myself in my Instagram bio! I am a wordy person and struggle with downsizing my thoughts into tiny # of characters. Any advice?!

…that a shift in mindset has made all the difference. “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” — I believe that was Henry Ford

…if this pandemic has taught me anything, it’s how much I truly love traveling and spending time with people I love.

…I am a plain cheese pizza kinda gal. Unless it’s a pizza made in Italy — like with legit Roma tomatoes and basil Margarita–mmm~

…I really do love working with Joe! There have certainly been some figuring out our strengths/roles, but it is a lot of fun. It’s hard to NOT talk about the business 24/7 but we are trying to watch movies or unplug from time to time

…the last movie I watched was the documentary The Founder. The guy was a total jerk, but I have to respect his hustle. (It’s the McDonald’s story).

…I LOVE having the kids home for “remote learning” but I would also love if the internet Gods would work in our favor

…Brooke’s PE teacher tried so hard to make learning fun and interactive…she did a scavenger hunt and had the kids find things like a sneaker, (to move their bodies daily) a healthy snack (Brooke grabbed an apple) a bottle of water —drink a lot every day! It prompted me to get all of us out after dinner for a walk last night.

…My favorite moment so far was Bradley draw pictures in his online “Art class” of happy and dead rats. (The dead ones have X for eyes Mom.) He was also spinning in his chair when I walked in, and he said the teacher just disappeared. (She got booted offline?!)

…I am so over cooking, have I mentioned that?

…I still have a really bad addiction/obsession to Starbucks Matcha Lattés. I know it’s full of sugar and it’s a little $, but they seriously give me life during this pandemic!!

…I actually do enjoy going Live on Instagram and FB. I feel like when I am authentic, it’s just better. Trying to record things usually just feels cheesy to me.

…I am not ready for this cold weather! I do love the pretty Fall colors, but not so much the cold. (I’m freezing!)

….our chimney guy comes today and that means fire season is here woo!

…My bff neighbor and I a have been walking every morning first thing. It’s a fantastic way to get my butt out of bed early and get a little quiet time before the rest of the house is awake.

…taking action is seriously the best way to get out of a funk. “Show up or Shut up” is my new motto.

…I truly believe every new level requires an all new you.

…I’ve been reading the book Relentless and that is probably where a lot of these thoughts are coming from. If you want to be the best, you must think and act like them. Highly recommend that book for any go getters!

…I’m grateful my mom & step dad sent a box of goodies to us! I’m currently sipping on some delightful English Breakfast Tea.

…we have been CRANKING with our team lately with buying properties.

…joining a mastermind has been SO worth our time and money.

…I am dreaming of the day when we either build or I flip my very own kitchen some day!

…let me know if you write your own confessions because I love reading them!

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