Holiday Cheer

Christmas is just a few days away!! As I type this, I feel a little stress of knowing I have only wrapped four gifts. Oops. I also need to figure out Christmas Eve Dinner & Christmas Day meals…It always gets all done, but goodness it never seems like it at first! I have a few ideas on my Pinterest Board.

We’ve been busy baking in the kitchen! We had Aunt Brianna on the phone with us while we made edible cookie dough–which was freaking fantastic! My friend Cathy hooked us up from Tastefully Simple. Their Elf Buddy delivered it to them!

We’ve been reading Christmas books and I think we’ve had a fire every day in December.

Bailey enjoyed The Polar Express!

Holly enjoyed snatching up Bradley’s Rudolph pajamas.

Our office has literally become the couch next to the fire place. We set up our lights, camera & zoom conferences right here! We go live on Facebook 585 Rent to Own and will be doing a special edition Thursday at 11am — wear your Ugly Sweater!

I keep seeing this recipe all over social media, has anyone tried it?! We only have a few days left, we got this.

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