Hello June + Life Catch-up!

It’s been awhile since I spent some time over here in this part of the internet. I used to frequent this space so often! I loved sharing housewife tips and stay at home mom hacks…recipes and all the things that would make my life, mine! It’s still absolutely crazy to me that we went from living in Rochester, NY and never seeing each other to living full time in Florida, running multiple businesses and homeschooling our kids.

In 2008 when we bought our first rental (fixer upper) I honestly had no clue that it was the beginning of our future. Joe had found the old run down house for around $40,000 and over time we turned it into a livable home. In 2010 we got married and ended up selling my house, which looking back I sort of which we had kept it but it was in the city of Rochester and there are so many restrictions etc when it comes to rentals in the city.

Juggling new mom life, Joe working crazy hours in the car business, we slowly added a house here and there. We would take Sunday drives, just the two of us at first and then with the babies once they came along, and we would check out our properties. We would dream and talk about how amazing it would be to one day work together full time and be able to see each other more. It was not until 2016 when we realized that we were not going to be able to scale the way we had always bought houses (cash or loans).

That’s when we started taking our little rental gig more seriously. We paid a mentor in 2017 and then we took massive action that Summer! 5 rentals switched over to rent to own and man was that just insane and awesome at the same time. Joe was just turning 40 and there was so much to learn! Our kids were 4 and 2, we had a little help from a hired nanny on Fridays (one of Joe’s days off) and we put in the work.

I share this because we didn’t have the time. We chose to sacrifice what most people would spend their time doing, in order to get to where we knew we needed to be. I think that’s a part a lot of folks don’t want to recognize or admit, but to live a different life, you must live differently. We didn’t have family that took the kids often so they’ve always been a part of our journey and never an excuse.

As I sit reflecting on what we’ve done in 4 years with buying and selling real estate and also coaching others, it’s been such a journey. If you asked me 10 years ago if I thought I’d have a team of people I employed and was running payroll for, I would have probably laughed. There are moments I struggle and wonder “Can I really do this??” And then I put on someone that inspires me via podcast or YouTube. I dive back into books or a schedule a call with my mentor.

Joe’s always been the visionary and I have just innately fallen into the operator role. He comes up with ideas and I implement them. Now we have departments and team members who lead and that has been a whole new level of growth! Leading and managing is something I am working on daily to become better at. I used to teach 5 different 40 minute classes of 25 or so students daily. It required patience, planning and a lot of grace. Running a business is somewhat of the same in that if I don’t have a game plan (lesson plan) and all the right people ready to put forth energy and effort, it doesn’t work.

I spend most of my time strategizing and planning; creating outlines, google docs, focusing on the end results and in this next phase I feel like it’s about making sure the right people are in the right seats. I need to clearly and effectively communicate where we are going and what is expected. As my coach says, it’s not that I care how it gets done, but it matters that the goal is achieved.

We also homeschool and the kids are getting old enough where independent work works nicely alongside some group unit studies. They are thriving in their extracurricular activities and the month of May was full of piano recitals, Aerial gymnastics performances and Karate belt ceremonies. It’s getting super hot already down here, so early morning homeschool playdates and meetups are best; we have an incredible nanny who helps us on her off time from going to dental school.

I’ve also been re-reading Think and Grow Rich; I just keep focusing on the core elements that we need in order to succeed: Faith, persistence and belief. In hard times it’s so easy to quit and throw in the towel but we cannot stop. Failure is not an option and every twist and turn does require a new version of me.

We have really been able to grow our mentorship solely organically which honestly is still one of the most rewarding things. I know first hand how creative real estate changed our lives and if we can help others unlock the doors as well, it’s so amazing.

There are lots of moving parts and our lives are anything but normal or quiet, but I don’t think we’d have it any other way. I just miss writing and I will admit, typing out these words and hitting publish scare me a little. I have been in a bit of a writing block or even a posting slump on socials, so I thought maybe if I let my fingers run over these old familiar keys, something may spark.

If you’re reading, say hello! I wish you a June filled with love, peace and abundance of health and wealth.

All my love,



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