Happy Birthday to my Husband!!

This morning my husband sent me a text from upstairs, in bed while I was downstairs starting my day.

“It’s 6:30!! This is when I was born!”

To which I replied, “Best thing that ever came into this world, was you.”

If life has taught me anything, it’s that it really is precious.  We can wander around a whole lot of years, and some of us forever, never meeting that one single soul who truly changes everything in your path.

We take birthdays seriously around here, as it truly is a gift to wake up and open two eyes.  Even on the most trying of days, I do look hard for silver linings, moments of bliss and pockets of gratitude.

Most of all, Joe has taught me that happiness is our birthright.  Although I am guilty of putting the kids and his needs ahead of my own at times, I do it because it simply in my nature to care.  A LOT.  I’m working on carving more fun time out for me, or simply pushing for things that I know we will all enjoy, even if there is a slight eye roll or ‘really’ look from one’s eye.

Like this photoshoot I won, I am sure there were times where my husband was thinking, this is so cheesy…because it did feel that way.  But it also felt really fun and a total break from the norm of 2020–which is a whole lot of staying home.

But I wouldn’t want to stay home safe with anyone else, despite all of the health obstacles that are thrown his way, he proves time and time again at what a fighter he truly is.  I wish most of all this year to be full of health and happiness.  It’s no fun when your partner in crime, best friend & love are not well.  It’s not fair, but he rests when he needs to and as a committed wife and mother, I do whatever it takes to keep the show running.

I am so excited to see where this next year of life takes us; I could never have predicted we would be where we are today, one year ago.  Although Covid completely sucks, we know it will one day pass.  Travel will open.  Restaurants will be ours again.  So we are taking full advantage of this time and working very hard, planting seeds daily.  Watering them. Fostering relationships.  Treasuring this sacred time with our children.

I love you so much baby.  Cheers to the rest of our lives and the happiest of years ever!!

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