Friday Favorites

  1. My babies are doing SO great with their remote learning. Bradley started reading JUST before Kindergarten, and they both love learning. It’s a little weird for them being on the computer, but they are getting the groove and really participating nicely! I try to hard to leave them alone, but if they “need me” for something, I don’t want to be too far! I (not so secretly) love them being home. I feel a little like a ping pong ball bouncing between their Google Meets and of course working on real estate with Joe. These kids have THE BEST teachers and everyone is really working hard to provide a wonderful learning experience despite these crazy times.

2. I’m obsessed with lip gloss and Mary Kay launched a whole bunch of new ones! My mama actually has an online site and you can take a look right here! I love the nude lipgloss, the deep purple, Fancy Nancy, the red and the hot pink! I love layering a little lip pencil on my lips first and then applying the gloss. It hydrates and also gives SUCH a beautiful shine. Beach Bronze even has glitter and what gal who talks to her phone via FB/Insta live doesn’t need a little extra?! MK has the best skincare and makeup for my face; I love pampering myself with a little face mask a few times a week. Would you like to see my skin care/makeup routine?

3. My morning routine. I have been waking up early to walk with my neighbor before the sunrises/school starts. It has been a huge game changer for me! I didn’t really have a routine at all over the summer/start of quarantine and I’d just get up whenever the kids got up. That was ok, but I never had any quiet time to think, read, journal or blog. I am not a night owl, so if I wanted silence, getting up early was my only option! It’s help me in so many ways. I also am back to writing every hour/half hour down and that is helping me hold myself accountable so I cannot say “what did I actually do all day?” as I can literally see it all on paper. I start my day with water, probiotics & some tea. Sometimes English Breakfast, some times Green tea.

4. Starbucks and their Iced Soy Chai Pumpkin Cold Foam Latté. OMGeeeee. We all know of my Matcha Latté addiction, but this little treat —ooo it’s just so darn good. It’s basically dessert and I am here for it #onceinawhile but I don’t really do love the pumpkin flavor in a cold chai! It’s so yummy. I get my drinks with soy milk and they are little bits of heaven.

5. Fall Bucket List. We have picked out a few pumpkins and have enjoyed some pumpkin flavors. It’s been so warm we have taken lots of walks and even visited the beach a little more. The kids wanted to decorate a few weeks ago so I let them, even though I normally wait until October. 2020 is just crazy, so I have been letting things just happen and be. Roll with it, am I right? Not so sure about a Fall festival or football games (other than on TV) this year! I am ready for soup season though.

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