Fall Questions!


I googled “Fall Questions Tag” and this is what I found! I would love it if you copy and paste and let me know when you share it!


Favorite fall sweet treat? Oh I just love all things pumpkin and apple! Cakes, pies, donuts, you name it. Cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins yum!

Red, yellow, or green apples?  My favorite apple is actually called Ginger Gold. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and tart. The coloring is a yellowish color and has a “kiss” of red on it. So good!

Favorite fall sport to play? I don’t play sports, but I just love taking walks in the crisp air! We enjoy watching Football and we are 49ers fans. A cozy fire & a good game on TV is the best.

Best drink for fall?  I love the pumpkin cold foam! Hot apple cider and of course a really good red wine.

Favorite fall activity?  We enjoy going to different pumpkin patches. I hope to go pick some apples too!

Must have fall purchase? A new pair of boots, a cozy long sleeve shirt (sweater or sweatshirt) and a new pair of jeans.

Pumpkins: pick your own or store-bought? I prefer to pick them, or better yet grow them! Joe and the kids planted some seeds so we have been watching them grow. Hoping the critters stay away!

Real or fake pumpkin?  I love some real ones, but I will decorate with fake ones too.

Favorite Halloween costume?  I have had some fun ones throughout, I am usually dressed nice or pretty, but it’s more about my kiddos now. I have no idea what they are going to be! I’ve heard anything from being Wolves to being Descendants again.

College football or NFL?  I don’t know if it’s me or just a Northern thing, but we don’t really watch College ball. We enjoy the NFL!

Fall or Halloween decor?  I start with Fall, the apples, the pumpkins, the leaves…and then of course as soon as Oct 1st rolls around I pull out our Halloween stuff. I have a mix of spooky and cute. Joe loves scary and I have always enjoyed adorable decor.

Raking leaves or no leaves to rake? We hire help because it’s a lot!

Favorite soup?  I am a huge soup fan. I have a recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Soup I want to try! I also enjoy butternut squash, chili…you name it I love it!

Favorite fall candle scent?  I love apple and pumpkin again, but also Aldi’s has some really good smelling

Love or hate pumpkin spice?  I love it. Call me basic, but it’s delish and it gives me all the feels.

Short booties or tall boots?  Both! I love short ones for some outfits and tall for others. Sometimes Fall is too warm for tall boots, they tend to be more of a late November-March thing.

Favorite Halloween candy? Butterfingers or Reeses.

PSL: yes or no?  Maybe one or two, but I am really digging a Pumpkin Cold Foam on chai or cold brew!

Hayride or corn maze? I have actually not done a corn maze, we need to! Hayrides are probably out this year with the rona.

Favorite fall TV show? I don’t think I’ve watched an actual show since 2014.

Tell me your favorites!


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