Don’t Wait for a Special Occasion

If there is one (of the many things) I have learned through the years, it’s to not wait for a “special occasion.” Well, yes it is nice to have certain things saved for special days, but I’m talking about saving that pretty top or that new necklace. Maybe it’s a new recipe you want to make or a fancy bottle of wine you’ve been gifted.

I used to try and wait for the perfect moment to enjoy things, and well, I often found myself never finding a perfect moment and therefore never enjoying said new item.

I’ve learned to make a special dinner, just because on a Sunday.  To randomly stroll into the store, pick out ingredients and prepare a scallop, steak & lobster risotto dinner.  Trust me, it was MUCH easier than trying to force or make it to happen on a “special night.”

Valentine’s Day for example, my husband worked late.  I could have tried to time a nice late meal when he got home, or opted to cook it the day before or after.  I also could have made reservations or got mad at the fact we did not have Valentine’s Day dinner plans.

But I have learned that to be happy, you really have to go with the flow, be in the now and just allow things to unfold as they may.  Yes, I am still a go-getter and believe we have to make sh*t happen, but sometimes you cannot force things.

So this year Valentine’s Day the kids and I went up to Daddy’s work, had a delicious pizza and called it a day.  Saturday, my dad and step mom unexpectedly took the kids and we somehow managed to get into the swankiest restaurant (via the waiting list!) and thoroughly enjoyed the French cuisine.

And last night?  I totally opened my special bottle of wine he gifted me for V-Day, just because.  And do you know what? It felt amazing.  The more I stop pressuring myself for perfect, and trust my instincts to be present, I find that I enjoy the now so much more.

So dear reader, take a look in your cupboards, closet, or heart.  What are you holding onto for a special time?  Turn your ‘just another day’ into a special day.  Head to the bookstore unexpectedly or take time to soak in the bathtub.

Life is not supposed to be so crazy, chaotic and stress-filled all of the time, and yet it is.  So make the most out of ordinary moments by using some of your ‘special times’ items in your life.

What’s something sitting around waiting to be used? I’d love to hear.


  1. Nikki
    February 22, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    Such wisdom in this!

    • jenndellefave
      February 23, 2018 / 12:52 pm

      It helps me for sure!

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