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I am excited to share a few things here today!! I will fully admit the last week we were outside mostly enjoying the beautiful & unexpected warm weather.  It was hard to stick to schedules and regimens, but that’s ok.  Now we’re back to 40 degrees and stuck inside!  The kids are doing great with their remote learning and we are ‘sort of’ finding a balance to this unbalanced year.

Currently enjoying:

I don’t remember the last time I was on a beach in November, let alone one in upstate NY! 

 We walked along this little pier one afternoon, as usually it’s not accessible because the bridge is moved, so that boats can go through.

Currently reading:
I just finished this fab audiobook!  I stumbled onto Sherilynn’s instagram and wanted a cute pick me up.  Her story is powerful and her words are so encouraging.  I highly recommend it if you need a little kick in the pants!! You can do hard things!!
I am still reading this gem.  I’m on the chapter of FAITH.  It is the “Eternal elixir” which gives life, power and faith action to the impulse of thought!”
Currently Planning: Thinking of Thanksgiving and my grandma’s squash recipe.  I found some Buttercup squash this year and was really excited for it!  You just cook the squash in the oven until soft, add frozen concentrate OJ, maple syrup, brown sugar…tastes like candy.

Currently working:  After a roofing issue, (or roofer issue rather) I’m happy to report that the new roof is coming along nicely on our big fixer upper!
We are also excited to see the cabinets and the custom made floating shelves are coming along as well! 
Currently wearing: I am still obsessed with these Gucci inspired headbands.  They help a bad hair day or at the very least, help me out when I’m feeling like I need a little somethin extra!  I also shopped the Draper James sale and scored this cute dress!  {similar here}
Currently wearing: I also love this black cami & leopard cardi from Amazon!  It’s the little things like getting dressed up, putting on some makeup and going to film a live house tour on Facebook!!  PS this Yeti mug keeps all the hot drinks hot for so long!! 
Currently loving:  This is our newest house addition!  It’s adorable and in Hilton, NY.  It needs some minor upgrades, but it will make someone a beautiful new home!!

Currently watching:

Those of you who know me, know I don’t watch TV.  I’ve tried a few episodes of popular Netflix shows, but none of them were doing anything for me.  I do LOVE Youtube, so here are a few channels I enjoy!

I love LSF Katie! She is so positive and upbeat, has so much energy and enthusiasm for life. I enjoy her workouts and her cooking ideas!

Terri is also super positive and helps me get my mind mind when I’m feeling frustrated and down.

This one is because I’ve started drinking coffee again– crazy, and she has some yummy at home holiday coffee recipes!

Jordan has 8 kids and somehow still looks amazing and has a great head on her shoulders.  I am always checking her channel out for mega advice!!

Currently thinking:

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