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It’s Fall and the weather is getting colder and darker here in upstate NY. I love Summer SO much, but I truly do try and appreciate each of our seasons. I find that we have slowed down a bit, (not anywhere to really run off to–the beaches and outdoor meetings were fun, but now we are home and safe inside.)

Amazon Favorites

It’s really hard to stay upbeat and positive 100% of the time–we are not robots! I notice when I do involved more SELF CARE into my DAILY routine, not just ‘once in awhile’ I feel so much better mentally and emotionally. Not gonna lie, March 6th was our last “date night” and night away from the kids…that is a LONG freakin time ago! I know it will not be like forever, but here are some girly/fun things to help me feel a little more like me, even if this is a crazy time. I also threw in some business items & household items too. I am not sponsored by any of these products, but I use them regularly and want to share what works well for me, as they may be great for you too! *These are clickable images and I would receive a small compensation if you purchase through Amazon. Thank you for supporting my blog!*

I mentioned how Summer done left us, right? Well I like to keep a little glow all year and I find this to be very reasonable in price and it doesn’t streak terribly at all. I just apply it a few days in a row after a shower and I feel like it helps keep me from getting washed out. I do not use it on my face, but I do on my neck, arms, rest of body etc.

The last time I went to my hairdresser, my hair got a bit fried. I have not ever had issues, but man it was SO dry! I did a coconut oil mask and that worked and then I did this treatment as well. My hair is soft as silk when I do it!

Books!! There are only so many times you can stare a screen, am I right?! I got lost right in this book! I love a good, “who done it” murder mystery with a side of psycho mind games. I was guessing from the get go who the killer was and it was so much fun to see it play out! I love the way these ladies write and if you’re looking for a good reading escape, especially this time of year, grab this one!

This book is my husband’s ‘bible’. He swears up and down by it and I have read parts of it, listened to most of it but have not actually read it cover to cover. I start this week! I am in a book club with my mom and we need to have the first 2 chapters done by Thursday. Change your mind and your life for under $7. If you haven’t read this, or don’t own it, you need it!

I have been keeping up with workouts and feeling better about that. I have this bike and LOVE it. It’s under $300 and I just use the Peleton App–which I love! If you don’t have the 3k for the Peleton but want to try spin, this could be the perfect solution for you! Sunday I did a hip hop ride with Robyn and spun my bad mood right aware. Sweat for 20-30 mins and you will always feel better, not worse!

I actually grabbed this at the grocery store, (it’s the only place I really “get out to” these days) and LOVED it! I am a picker–like will peel the nail polish off my fingers. This lasted so much better than a Colorstreet for me and I thought it held up fairly well against dishes etc. I am rough on my hands, but I miss getting manicures and thought this did a great job for $7 — be sure to grab the clear top coat too.

I am NOT a Dr or an herbalist, but I do notice a HUGE difference when I remember to take these. Ashwagandha Root is supposed to help with stress relief–which I need all the help I can get. I can get so worked up and anxious over not much at all and this will help just keep me feeling even keel. I try to take one daily and I think it helps with any belly pains too because when I get stressed, my stomach seems to cause me pain. No good.

This one may seem silly, but I am always looking for easy and healthy ways to get more protein in my diet. If we are on the go or I have zero time to eat, these are so handy! I try to balance with a healthy carb too but I love that there is no junk in these. Whole30 approved! They also have turkey ones.

This is a bit of a splurge, but we swear by these! We got a firm mattress in 2015. Joe felt it was too firm so we grabbed this and LOVED it! We replaced it two years after then and just replaced it again last week. Our mattress still looks brand new, but it honestly feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Every time we go away (back when we traveled!) we would never feel as good as we would if we slept in our own bed. If you don’t sleep great, try one of these!

This was “Joe’s Birthday Gift” and he is so excited over it. We’ve needed and wanted a white board for our office for some time, but finally pulled the trigger! This is great because it has two little hooks to easily hang upon the wall. We used to have a mirror in the office, then a big map, now this. It currently looks like a spreadsheet for our business/properties. If you’re home remote learning with the kids, this could be helpful too!

This was more for my sanity than anything. We have a yellow lab and her fur is all over. I mean, it’s everywhere. I have a Roomba but it’s hard to run it daily (kids on their laptops remote learning) and the vacuum we have is a big thing to lug around — especially for little people. I am shocked I didn’t have a dust buster before, but it gets used daily! After the kids eat, after they track leaves and dirt inside, if something gets spilled…boom. This is super light and around $40! Worth every penny. I am not the one who uses it most, I have to say the boys do!

Last, I needed some new ‘house shoes’ and I really need good arch support. I know we are entering slipper season, but my flip flops broke end of Summer so I thought I’d grab these to try. They did take a few wears to break them in, but they are SO worth the $25-$30. I try not to wear them out and about (hence I bought a kind of ugly pair!) as I don’t want germs etc. I will occasionally hop in the truck with them on to grab a Starbs, but I don’t go out and walk around. They help me a lot since we have hard ceramic tile flooring and I am basically standing on it all day, I need something for my feet/body. If your back or joints hurt, or even your feet then check what shoes you are wearing most of the day!

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