Christmas This or That

I saw Danielle over at Sparkles and Lattes share this and I thought it was super cute and fun. I needed a break from real estate work and I’m not ready to start wrapping all the gifts yet… let me know if you play along!

1. Home Alone or A Christmas Story?

I enjoy both movies, but I love the original Home Alone! I remember going to the movie theater with my sisters and parents when I was little. I always loved so many parts and it definitely brings back memories of my childhood at Christmas time. I seriously want Kevin’s house and the ability to fly to Paris for Christmas!

2. Hot coffee or hot cocoa?

There is certainly a time and place for either!! I have not drank coffee up until a month ago for 4 years…it really bugged my digestive system. I don’t know if it’s newer digestive enzymes I take but coffee (with some delish creamer) has given me life lately! My kiddos love a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows though especially after playing out in the snow. I may enjoy a splash of peppermint vodka in my hot chocolate on a cold night too.

3. Gift giving or gift receiving?

I love giving gifts! I try really hard to pick out perfect presents, but I also try to not stress myself out over it. This year really changed a lot, and I am all about less ‘stuff’ more than ever. I just want good health and time with loved ones. There is nothing better than seeing our kids’ faces on Christmas morning though…the magic of Santa and Christmas is by far one of my favorite things. It’s worth all the work!

4. Holiday pies or holiday cookies?

Give me all of the cookies! I have eaten my weight in Christmas cookies…I do it every year and I don’t feel bad haha! We have baked some really good ones this year and the kids loved helping. I love sharing them with family too! I make these every year…they are one of my favorites! I remember my mom and I making them years and years ago. I don’t put in the nuts because of Joe though.

7 Layer Magic Bar

5. Grinch or Elf?

Oh man, can you really choose?! I think both! I have to say that Elf is certainly one I will be watching while I finish wrapping my gifts. It’s just funny and feel good movie. My sister Brianna and I recite it to each other all of the time. I remember we used to answer our phones, “Buddy the elf! What’s your favorite color?”

6. Real tree or fake tree?

We always get a real tree. Since we have a cathedral ceiling in our living room we are able to get a pretty big one. I love the smell of it too…even if it’s messy it’s worth it. We do colored lights because Joe and the kids love it, and I do too. You can see all of our kid crafted ornaments we’ve acquired through the years. I would like to get a few smaller fakes ones too one day. Maybe one with white lights, as I used to have a cute white one in the dining room. The lights died after 6 years…it was a black Friday Walmart special.

7. Ugly Christmas sweater or Christmas PJs?

Again, both?! I adore Christmas pjs and I think the Ugly sweaters can be a fun way to connect with others. You can check out my post last year where I shared our ugly sweaters. I think Old Navy has the best pjs for the whole family for the best prices.

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