Sunday Quote

Take some time to do what makes you happy. Enjoy your Sunday!

Wordless Wednesday

Happy July!

May it be filled with…

…endless Summer days that mysteriously turn to nights.

…the sounds and sights of fireworks brightening the dark skies.

…sticky s’more covered fingers and wet grass between the toes.

…sun-kissed cheeks and shoulders.

…beach days and pool swims.

…popsicle lips.

…the smell of pineapple and coconut wafting in the air.

…a time to slow down and enjoy the outside.

…bonfires and roasting hotdogs on a stick.

…driveway dinners grilling and smoking meats.

…celebrating my birthday and our anniversary.

….taking walks after dinner, long before the sun will set.

…chasing fireflies in the night.

…staying up way too late reading that perfect beachy read.

…playgrounds, amusement park rides, carnivals and more.

…hiking in the mountains, taking in that fresh clean air.

…looking out into the lake and and day dreaming.

…sunglasses, bathing suits, hats and sunscreen.

…a time time to relax, unwind and enjoy

sweet, sweet, summer time.


If writing makes me happy, why do I not write any more? 

I used to write daily, and then it became a chore. 

Life is always moving, fast and speeding.

It’s the slowness that I’m craving.


The breaths of air in between the talks.

The smiles of my babies.

The laughs of them too.

There never was such a peace,

than when I’m here with you. 


Your mental health matters. Take time, get quiet. Ask for help. Breathe. Do things that make you smile. Do the yoga. Take the meds. It’s all going to be okay.

Saturday blessings to all.