Amazon Favorite Finds

I’m sure everyone loves their Amazon accounts, but I also love seeing what everyone buys!! I’ve found some great deals and sometimes forget that I can easily purchase items online and have it there in 2 days.  I have to say my favorite use for Amazon is when we vacation! Last summer I ordered a box of pull-ups and a big thing of wipes down to SC when my mom got married.  It was so convenient! Granted, I’m super pumped to not be spending money on those any more, but it’s the simplicity of that, right?!

I figured I’d share a few of my favorite/current Amazon Purchases just in case you may find them helpful too!


Core Water – My husband strives to drink 2 of these waters a day.  Having Crohn’s he is always trying to stay hydrated and get in extra electrolytes etc.  This is basically the only water he drinks, so it must be darn good!  I do drink it occasionally, but it’s a little pricey and I don’t mind my Brita water.  The other plus is that the cap is a cup, so he likes to let the kids drink out of that if they’re thirsty.  No slobber and no spills! #winning

White tees – A guy staple right?  I thought these were good quality and an even better price.  He wears a v-neck tee daily and those things tend to wear out quickly.


Rose Gold/Marble Phone Case – I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this fab phone case! I hate buying new ones, but this price ($11.99 PLUS a coupon!!) I couldn’t beat it. Plus it’s pink, pretty and my old one fell apart, so this was a good buy!

Dandy Blend –   So I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I can’t drink coffee because of my reflux.  Well, I stumbled upon this Dandelion brew and you guys, it’s amazing! Sometimes you just want that coffee flavor/feel and tea just doesn’t do it.  Apparently you can cut coffee and go to this without any symptoms but I can’t verify that.  I can say that it’s tasty and I have been enjoying with some NutPods creamer.  It is excellent iced too! Dandelion is wonderful for your liver as well.

Collagen Peptides – My knees/joints seem to get sore and achy more often.  I guess I’m getting old or something, but regardless, I try to slip this into my tea, smoothies or dandy blend. It has no taste and it’s supposed to be so good for you. I have a Matcha Peach flavor too, but this can go in anything due to the no flavor.

Workout Top (Lululemon dupe) – There’s an extra 5% coupon on this too! I did see fellow instagrammers wearing this and it’s definitely worth a share and the buy! It’s so cute; I got the black and I love the tie back with the mesh.  Fun, sporty and makes me feel a little like a bad ass when I’m at the gym. I got a small. (I’m 5’7 currently 140 lbs) It comes in different colors and is only $15.99!! Washes well, and I hang dry.

Off Shoulder Romper – Again I saw a few bloggers with this and my friend Ann scooped one up as well.  It’s the perfect thing to throw on and road trip in, or even travel by plane!  It’s comfy and all you need are cute sandals, a pair of statement earrings and clutch to look totally put together with zero effort!

Dry Shampoo –  I have tried super expensive dry shampoos and I still come back to this brand. I love that I can order it on Amazon and save money, plus not walk into an Ulta and spend all my money on more makeup I don’t need.  I find that I can get a day or two extra in between washings because this stuff is so good.


Bubble gun – these were actually a gift to our friends’ kids, and they loved them!  Their daughter turned 3 and she just loved it! They tend to sell these for more money at fairs, carnivals etc and so they just brought the one we gifted so they didn’t have to buy one when we all attended a festival not too long ago.  Can’t go wrong with bubbles as gifts for kids!

Tie Dye Chalk – This was a gift as well, but I just thought it was cute add on for Summer.  There’s nothing better than kids chalk drawings and this was a fun extra with the tie-dye element.

Dance Costume Bag  – I dragged my feet on buying this and I don’t know why.  With clear pockets, a lot of them, and everything zippered up, this is a MUST have for any Dance mom!  I finally grabbed one for her rehearsal/recital and it was so nice to see everything clearly when we scramble to change from costume to costume.  It held her shoes, tights, costumes, makeup and bows.  Total game changer; now I need one of those racks to hang everything on!

Thermos- I only wish I bought this sooner! Brooke doesn’t love sandwiches, though she will eat them.  She does love leftover pastas, macaroni and other warm lunches, so this was honestly the best purchase for her! She says that it keeps her meatballs warm just like out of the oven! I know in the Summer months this isn’t going to be popular, but mamas, grab one for Fall!!

What are your favorite Amazon buys? I would love to know!

Most People are Good

I have lots of thoughts and feelings, but for some reason this song is speaking for me today.  If you haven’t taken a moment and listened to this Luke Bryan song, please take some time and hear it out.  Piggy backing off of my post yesterday, we must have choose to see the good, the positive and be optimistic.  That is, if we want to be happy.

Have a beautiful Saturday friends.


  • TGIF!! I’m excited for a busy weekend– #embracingthechaos
  • It’s the last day of May; like whoa!
  • I feel like I’m winning at life when I close all my Apple watch rings & make my steps hit.
  • I need to stop eating ALL OF THE THE THINGS
  • I am LOVING my mani/pedi color!!
  • Having a me day was much needed.  (mamas, do NOT forget to #doyou!!)
  • Summer can hurry please!
  • My neighbor and I are using Pinterest to come up with some Summer Bucket List ideas for the kiddos.
  • This week/weekend are SO busy, but I’m still trying to enjoy the moments.
  • We have a wedding this weekend and we need to wear flats–SOS!! Where to find a pair stat?!
  • Joe’s been asked to speak at another AFG conference and be on the panel—New Orleans, here we come!
  • Next week I have a ‘book club’ meetup–cannot wait to have some girl time!
  • I can’t believe I only have the Summer and one year left with Bradley home with me. Where does the time go?
  • Summer songs are out in full force!! (Hello, “Bad Guy”)
  • I’ve been so bad at reading lately; I did get further into one during my pedicure today.
  • I’m overly excited for a spray tan (tan fat looks better than pale fat hehe)
  • We are looking for more houses to buy as we are almost at full capacity!
  • I’m obsessed with this Dandyblend faux coffee.  It tastes so good and helps fill that desire for coffee! It doesn’t give me reflux issues and I can drink it at night without having trouble falling asleep.
  • I’m still loving the work I am doing on myself (even when it’s hard, I know it will be so helpful and benefit me in the long run!)
  • Brooke had her dance rehearsal Wednesday and I balled.  My daughter was SO flipping amazing on stage and literally lit up the whole show. I am so proud of her!!
  • I’m listening to an amazing book called The Big Leap (e-book is free with Amazon prime!)
  • I’m in week 2 of my step-bet and still have a love/hate relationship with it.
  • The dogs love when I’m stepping because they get lots of extra walks!
  • Monday I start the Tastefully Simple 14 Day Reset.
    • No joke, I’m scared! Hahaha Only because I love me some grains. Like legit love. This will be tricky, but I have faith!
    • I’m not sure what will be harder, no vino or no starbs (sad face!)

April Favorites

Hey hey it’s Monday! I figured I would share some of my top favorite things/items/experiences from last month!

I read this book Daisy Jones & The Six and LOVED it.  Totally worth the hype! I’ll do a better review of the books I’ve read coming up on May 14th with a linkup I found.


Another book I wraped up at the end of the month was Love and Other Words. I listened to it on audible and really enjoyed the narrator as well as the story line.

Advocare finally launched Grape Rehydrate!  So yummy and way less sugar than other electrolyte drinks.  It honestly reminds me of my childhood, Grape Kool-aid anyone?

Buxom lip glosses are the bomb!! I’m a lippy snob and glosses are my thing, so when I tell you how amazing these are you have to trust me!! Ulta had a sale so I grabbed two for the price of one.  I was told by several friends the nude color White Russian was the one to grab and I also scooped up Hot Toddy.  (Rakuten, formerly E-bates always has great cash back too, so if you haven’t been using them, what are you waiting for?!) 

I am still obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth under Eye Gel Patches and ran out of my gold ones from Christmas, so I saw that other bloggers swore by these cucumber ones from Amazon.  I too keep them in the fridge and apply them and then do my eye makeup.  Game changer for under eye circles!

I jumped on the Ipsy bandwagon and for $10 you get all these samples/full size products to try.  I haven’t tried all of them yet, but the highlighter is super pretty!!

My favorite even from April was the Ugly Disco.  I had so much fun getting down and boogie oogie oogie-ing with my hubby.

The next best thing was our little family trip to Toronto!

I’ve also been really working on myself with my Life Coaching with Lindsay E Preston.  I cannot how much more of my true self is starting to shine through!  I will be sharing an overall view of my 21 Day Life Luvers Challenge this week, but seriously you cannot put a price on your mental and emotional well being! Oh my goodness it’s just been so so good for me!!

I also went back to way more blonde highlights up by my roots because, well, I just needed more blonde in my life.  This was a before photo, but I was just so darn happy to get some quiet time in at the salon and touch up these old roots!  PS I also LOVE this Old Navy Distressed denim jacket.  My bestie Ann was rocking hers and I had to grab one. I did size up to a medium for a better fit.

What have been some of your April favorites?!

Bloggers Reveal How they do it All

Lynn, over at Dispositive Motion asked me to chime in with some of the ways I “do it all” being a busy mom of two, wife, running a real estate company and still finding time for me.

I’ll be the first to admit I am NEVER in balance with all things, but I do share what helps me stay a little more sane. I never claim to do it all; I try to be superwoman but alas I am human.

I am so excited to be featured with these other fantastic bloggers and learn some of their amazing tips and tricks as well! I know I need to work on some areas (ahem asking for help!) and these fellow bloggers have some awesome ideas.

Head on over here to read!

What are your go to ways to get everything done?!