Black Friday Sale!!

All items on our website will be half off!! We have 6 Masterclasses sold individually or you can scoop up the bundle! 🤩

I also launched my mini Social Media Marketing e-book. In this you’ll find some insight as to how we’ve grown our National real estate business using Facebook marketing. We share free ways to get leads! 🎊


✅ Live video ideas

✅ 5 tips when going live

✅ What content to post?

✅ Where to post

✅20 tips on social media marketing

✅ Actual sample script Joe and I used on our first “Seller Stories” live.

As a FREE GIFT 🎁 we include a Facebook checklist & to do list with purchase!!

Use code: CFP50 for your half off on Friday! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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