Get Still

If you’re feeling lost, confused, or just don’t know what on earth to do, maybe getting quiet will help.

Maybe sitting with yourself, no distractions, no noise.

It’s hard to do, this I know. Especially when you’re a mama to littles, but when you get quiet, things get clear.

There’s beauty in the chaos, but to see it you might need to get still.

Loving July


We just got back from our big family vacation to the ADK mountains, specifically Lake George!! I want to share tons of phots and experiences with everyone, but this thing called REAL LIFE has sucked me back!  All things real estate and of course the never ending laundry has literally taken every waking moment, other than what my two littles demand of course!

I decided to take a quick break and post before resuming all the fun chores and such.   That’s the thing I have noticed most lately…if I just take a few minutes here or there, and use that time WISELY (key word!) I feel so much better about getting back to the grind! I have to attribute my work with Lindsay Preston, my life coach for this.  It’s not selfish, and life actually goes so much better when you squeeze in time for you and what you love to do. {Remember you can still use code: JENN20 and save $20 and grab the Life Luvers course for just $77!!} Speaking of, I am prepping for my upcoming “Release” and will certainly be sharing more on that soon.

I did scoop up one thing on Amazon Prime Day.  I have had my eye on an Instant Pot FOREVER and the price was just too good to not pass up!  I believe I scored it for $66 and it’s back up to $88, which is still a good price though!

I did pick up two library books and our book club chose the next book to read as well.  I also just finished Before we Were Yours-–super sad, and yet so beautifully written. Yay for Summer reading!

Until I get another little stretch of time, I’ll be staying cool in this gorgeous hot Summer weather, detoxing from all the starchy white carbs, sugars, drinks and crazy fatty vacay foods!

Don’t you just love July?  It’s by far my absolute favorite.

Have a beautiful day sweet friends!


Give Thanks

The more we appreciate, the more we can appreciate. Being grateful opens so many doors, it’s hard to imagine living any other way! Happy Wednesday friends!

Two for Tuesday

  1. Happy Tuesday beautiful beings!! I finished reading The Friend Zone and it was seriously adorable and sad! It was a quick read and would make an excellent plot for a rom-com!
  1. I’m still doing my daily yoga and my body and mind feels so darn good. I am loving this 21 day habit I don’t think I’ll be able to stop at day 21!

We are enjoying summer and I have lots to share, but I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a beautiful day!


A Mix (poem)

Do you like to be alone?

Or out and about in the crowds?

Do you sit at home and sulk?

Or do you prefer it to be loud?

I’m a little bit of both, I like a mix you see.

There’s so much of me that likes it quiet,

and more that likes to be–

out on the town, dressed all fancy, sipping on pink champagne.

But cozy and calm, with a teacup in hand,

reading a novel in front a warm hearth is also where I prefer to be.