Friday Faves

Hey friends! I hope you are all well. I wanted to share a few favorites lately.  We haven’t done much other than work, sleep, beach haha but I am not mad about it! 

1. I am loving all positive mantras and things!  This crazy time of our lives is something for the books I tell ya!  I have been staying off news channels and most of social media (unless I’m connecting with like-minded people and sharing our business!) I can’t tell you HOW MUCH THAT MATTERS!  When I log into FB and see the ranting, raving, the mask discussions, political this and that–#overit

I focus on my family, health, finances and that is about it! I’m really loving instagram and finding fellow real estate investors across the country who are focused on their goals and not worrying so much about whether or not someone where’s a mask in their car.  (It’s really none of our business!)

2.  I tried Hello Fresh for the last two weeks and all I can say is, YES!! Yes it is worth the money, yes it is worth not being stressed out to figure out “What do I cook for dinner?!” You guys, I was literally turning to frozen meals 1-3x a week because the state of our life is so chaotic right now.  I can only attribute it to “birthing a baby” in a sense.  When you own your own business and work for yourselves, and then GROW said business, it’s overwhelming.  I know when we get all systems up and running, it will be grand but for now–it’s fasten your seatbelts and GO TIME. 

With that said, we have tried things we haven’t really done before (or in a long time!).  I’ve learned a few little hacks which are always to have on hand!  Last night we did burgers with onion/tomato jam, and a delicious mayo/sour cream/roasted garlic spread….TO DIE FOR with the homemade potato fries!

Here we did the mozzarella/panko chicken breasts— SO easy and yummy!! Green beans and couscous came in the meal, and I threw in extra bread sticks from Aldi, because my kiddos love them.  

Here’s a link for $40 off your box!! 

3. My birthday last week!!  I spent the day in the sun with my sis and my neighbor came over as we all hung out in the driveway. It was a beautiful day!

How cool is this candle from my Dad & step mom?

My sis knows me SO well–pretty pink wrapping, a bottle of Rosé, Starbucks gift card and a fabulous candle too!!  My mom gifted me some birthday money and I treated myself to a brand new Robe.

4.  I enjoyed these Hey Mama rosé in a can!  They DO pack a punch….you can’t drink too many because it has a lot of alcohol, so careful on that one! You can order some here.  Be sure to use my code JENND10 for a coupon!  I also love this suit from Venus and my necklace isS&D. My sunnies are Ray Bans, but I found these cute dupes on Amazon for under $20!!!!

5.  I’m obsessed with this lipstick and lip gloss !! It’s my daily go to and I just love the feel and haven’t had any issues with dry lips–wahoo!!


Tell me, what are you loving lately!?

Seller Stories

Every week Joe and I go live on Facebook and Instagram and share different ways we are able to help people.  We are a local Rochester, NY couple and we buy and sell houses!

In this video we share how we were able to help out an overwhelmed single mom out by buying her house.  Sometimes owning a home can be too much for someone and although she only had her house for just a few years, we were able to make sure she did not lose money.  In fact, she actually walked away with cash!

It makes us feel good that we could help her and her son out.  Now she can focus on taking care of her family, working and not deal with the maintenance of a maintaining a home.  (Hello lawn care, unexpected expected expenses and all of the headaches that can happen if you’re not prepared.)

Check out this week’s video!


And here is Natasha’s review on working with us! This video is walking out after closing. It really is that simple!



We are still offering $1000 if you refer us a seller and we buy the property!

5 Busy Mom Hacks


Happy Monday!!

Boy, I can’t even begin to explain how insane life has been lately!! Our real estate business is really cranking, and we are getting better at SYSTEMS!! I must say that while I have heard all of the gurus say it, I haven’t truly mastered the ability to get systems into play quite yet.  However, I am bound and determined to make it all happen!  I am very much aware of what our reality looks like here in New York.  My children will be “distance learning’ from home this upcoming school year.  My husband and I will continue to grow our real estate company and with that will come new avenues and obstacles. How exciting!

I am implementing these top 5 Hacks starting now, so I wanted to share them in case you too find this new way of living a tad overwhelming, and maybe need a little inspiration to try something new.  It’s never too late to add a bit of structure!

  1. Menu Plan

That’s nothing new around here, but I am not 100% consistent.  I do find that when I do plan out a week, whether or not I actually follow it, that’s ok.  It keeps the stress from worrying, “What’s for dinner” happening at 4:55 pm. Here’s my idea for this week:


I am trying out Hello Fresh this week–I have not done a meal service since my son was born in 2015.  I am honestly in such a cooking funk, and we don’t feel comfortable ordering take out (we have only done it TWICE since Covid.). I will let you guys know what I think of it! I loved that the meals are healthy and  family friendly!  If you’re interested in trying it, here’s a $40 off code for you!  I actually love cooking, but I loathe having to think of what the heck to feed my family all of the time.  These two meals look delish!

2.  Meal Prep (for yourself!!)

Kind of along the same lines, but here it’s taking a few extra minutes and prepping at least ONE meal.  If you do more, great!! I thought making this breakfast casserole would be a great way to give me one less thing to do in the morning.  I want to start focusing on my morning workouts again, so I thought this would be a good start! PS I am going to do my first round of WHOLE 30 starting Monday July 27th.  I’m getting ready!


Or at the very least, know what you’re going to eat for a snack!  I am loving the Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. 


3.  Chore charts & Chore Sticks

I can’t take credit for these cute things, but Jordan Page from Fun Free Or Cheap sure can!! She is a powerhouse mama of 8 (yup, she just had a set of twins) and she has her kids do these daily.   We just introduced the kids to this idea, and Brooke can read so this will be awesome.  She wanted to start Sunday night, but we will begin first thing Monday. You can tailor your chart to read anything you want.  As for the sticks?  Write down whatever house hold chores you need done. Now the kids can’t get on their electronics UNTIL all the boxes are checked.  It will teach them responsibility, mommy won’t go crazy trying to do everything and everyone wins.

4.  Get out in Nature (preferably first thing!)

The more we leave our home and explore our beautiful city, the better our days go!  We can’t go every day, but when we wake up early and get outside, everything seems to be more productive and better.  Whether it’s a walk in front of the mansions on the lake, a sandy secluded beach, or this cool Turning Point Park, it’s always an adventure! Even if you can’t really leave, can you take a quick morning walk around your neighborhood?

How cute is this baby deer?  Mama was right by.

5.  Choose Your WHY and focus.

We have wanted to work together full time in real estate for a very long time.  There are so many times things get hard, and it’s easy to numb the difficulties.  Don’t.  Feel the pain and work through all of the tough times.  Since being home, we have put our heads together and sat many hours staring at each other wondering what to do next.  And we would brainstorm so many ideas, act on a few and then we just kept doing them.  Small steps will get you to move forward.  You can’t accomplish every goal and dream right away, but once you start checking off some small ones, you build momentum. Late nights, early mornings, days where most people are off BBQing and playing, we are working.  Sure we take days at the beach, but a lot of the time, our phones are in hand working.  Every little bit counts and you can’t knock the hustle!!

Side note, this photo means a lot to me for so many reasons.  I had Bradley take it and even though it’s not a home we ended up not even interested in buying, it was part of our journey.  Bradley was looking off at some kids playing in a pool a few houses down, and a part of me felt a little sad.  I know going house to house is not always fun for a little kid, but this is our life and with the virus, we can’t go out and do too much to socialize.   I looked at him and explained that if we work hard now, we will be playing in a much bigger pool one day.  I know that it will all pay off, it is time to strike while the iron is hot (and the virus is around) and in the future, we will all be living our dream life.  But really, the funny thing is, even though we don’t have a pool right now or a beach house, I still am living an amazing life.  Who would have ever thought we could both be with our children this much (and it’s a lot!) when they are this young?  That is such a gift.  So while the world is wonky and coronavirus is crazy, we don’t let that stop us.  If your dreams are big enough and your why is strong enough, anything is possible.


4th of July Re-cap!

Today is Sunday, the day after the 4th and I have spent most of the day deep cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors (they were so bad I needed to do it TWICE.) Our dishwasher was on the fritz, the small dog puked on my bed (luckily just on the comforter so it was easily washable.) OH and I had the kids try to help me clean, I had them working on the baseboards and dusting…and then bam both of them had red swollen eyes from cleaning? I don’t know if some of the Thieves cleaning spray got into their eyes or they literally were kicking up so much dirt and dust…it was NOT good.  Side note with allergies, Bradley has been really bad lately so my mom told me to start having him rinse off every night and I’ve been changing his sheets every few days.  I have him on Claritin but I really need to get him tested. We think it’s the dog. I just ordered an air purifier off Amazon to see if that helps as well.  I also run the “allergy trio” in a diffuser.

We have been cranking with real estate, and after a quick stint with Joe in the hospital, (another side note, if you think you’ve pulled a muscle in your back but can’t really breathe, it could be a collapsed lung! — more on that later.)

The point being, I have a million things I need to do but I really wanted to stop in and share “THE Fourth of July pic”


How crazy is this?? I had to start a new collage of photos.  Baby Brooke was in my belly in the very first photo and clearly the last one is “Quarantine 4th”– aka didn’t brush my hair, no makeup and gym shorts. It just was what it was!

Joe wants me to put a better one of Brooke in #2, so NOTE TO SELF NEXT YEAR–make a new collage. Goodness. So much I want to write and say!!

We just stayed home (duh) and had fun hanging in the front yard.  Kids sprayed the dog with a hose and each other.  We just relaxed a bit and tried not to talk about work haha.

Mr 4th of July

She cheered all day long “F-I-G-H-T” Fight Fight Fight probably 500x.

I made a delicious chia pudding parfait!

I mixed a can of full fat coconut milk

5 tablespoons chia

Mix and leave in refrigerator over night.

Then I spooned a little of that mixture and added, strawberries and blueberries, a little granola and some coconut flakes.



Dinner was a Bison burger! I’ve been hearing so many great things about Bison, it’s lean and grass fed, not too harsh to digest…and it was SO good.  Joe and kids loved it and it had a really night tender and mild flavor.  I splurged with a GF bun, bacon, ketchup, mustard, pickles.

For my ‘dessert’ I had a faux latté.  I made some Dandy blend, foamed up a little soy milk, some Coconut whipped cream and a little cinnamon.  It was so yummy!

In the evening my step dad came by and we put on a little fireworks show. Even the neighbors watched!  I’m not certain who had more fun, the kids or Joe. It was so fun! Thank you Mark!

It’s not a huge long blog, but it was a little something.  Here’s to a productive evening and an amazing week ahead!  We will be coming up on 10 years of wedded bliss this Friday 7/10/20.  Ahhh!

Happy 4th of July!!!