Claiming it’s Time for Me & Creating a Life I Love

I did it! My 21 Day Life Luvers Challenge is complete!  In true Lindsay fashion, I celebrated this WIN by enjoying a date day with my husband on Friday!  You guys, I’m so proud of myself!! I can’t begin to tell you what a big deal this was for me, but I do hope to share how valuable this experience has been and what some of the major takeaways were.

First of all, if you roll your eyes at Life Coaching and think it’s a bunch of hog wash, then this post may not be for you.  As with anything in life, everything does not work for everybody.  That’s OK!  I’m not here to convince or beg people to want to better themselves, my job is to simply share what I have learned through my own experiences, the good, bad & ugly, in hopes that I can help out another soul.  When you are ready, the teacher always appears.

Lindsay Preston is selective with whom she will take on as a client; as I mentioned in a previous blog post, she does offer a FREE assessment to see if you’d be a good match! {Here!}  Straight from her site, here’s a quick outline of the type of person that would be a good fit for The Life Luvers Course:

This course is right for you if…

  • You’re a go-getter woman who’s tired of just “putting up” with certain areas of life. You want to finally learn how to overcome the crap that’s weighing you down.
  • You KNOW that life can be better than it is right now, you just don’t know how to create that change.
  • You enjoy learning about yourself and have a strong desire to learn the strategies to make your life feel easier and more successful.
  • You feel like life is living you vs. you living life and you’re tired of it. You’re ready to claim that it’s time for you to get what YOU want from life NOW!


While I recognize that my life is beautiful and abundant, and I know people think I should just ‘be happy’ with what I have; the truth is I am happy but I knew that there was more that I just wasn’t tapping into in becoming my true self.  I read a lot of books, I tune into my spiritual side, I take walks in nature, I meditate, I tried to find Jesus, I’m present in the moment, I listen to podcasts…but nothing was working! After completing this course I feel as if I am ready to take on the world!  No really, I am actually ready to start the next course Lindsay offers called Unstoppable Woman, but I feel so amazing.  I can’t say that the work was easy, or that it felt great going through the 21 days, but wowza, after completing this challenge I seriously feel like a rockstar.

We were to create a habit to stick to for 21 days, so that we could attain our goal (mine was to become calm and stress free, so I chose meditation.)  Turns out, that wasn’t exactly what I needed quite yet, so as I continued to trust the process, I focused less on making daily meditation happen, and more on just doing my course work and following through.  One of my biggest “a-ha” moments was that I am GUILTY of self-sabotage.  As soon as things get tough, aka the elusive work/life balance that doesn’t exist, I would quit on myself and just focus on Joe, kids, dogs, house, work. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

But do you know what happens when you don’t quit?  Beautiful things start to happen, that’s what!

  • I bonded with my mom as she sent me photos of my childhood.
  • I began sharing my thoughts more honestly, becoming, as Brene Brown would say, more vulnerable.
  • I moved more into my authentic self vs my inner mean girls
  • I was more understanding in some situations & less judgmental
  • I can recognize when that shift of authenticity vs inner mean girl (ego) is happening.
  • I started connecting with so many more women who are inspired by me, and I by them.
  • I learned it was OK and GOOD to put myself first and to celebrate my wonderful self more than just once in awhile.
  • I felt less resentment, anger, and stress once I overcame the hurdles of the IMG (inner mean girls)
  • I started teaching my children to be more responsible and less dependent on me.
  • I am less affected by comments or wasting my time feeling icky over people on the interwebs
  • I made an unedited video and poured my heart out on thoughts that have been brewing about for quite some time.
  • I’ve implemented more “do you time” while feeling good about it.
  • I celebrate my wins unapologetically


So yes, I may have had to face some realities and realized that change can be hard; nothing worth having comes easy!! I battled my inner mean girls here and there, but such is life, as long as you don’t quit, you will be successful!  With the Facebook Group and the Group Coaching Calls, you are NEVER alone!  The best part right now is the feeling that I have of accomplishing a goal and also having the tools to go back and use at any time!!  The 21 Day Life Luvers Challenge has a workbook that I would HIGHLY recommend because I just love flipping back through it and processing all that I learned.

You could FINALLY create all (and more!) of the life you imagine for yourself. 

Your dreams could start to become your reality!

If I had not taken this Life Luvers Challenge, I would have missed out on so much.  I wouldn’t possess the fool proof tools to help get me back on track when things get tough. I wouldn’t have the simple mantra to repeat in my mind, “I am worthy” when I am ready to quit on me.  And while I knew I was empathetic and perhaps an Empath, I would not know that it was my number one strength and what to freaking do with it!! I now realize the power of my ability to empathize, but also that when I am with negative or toxic people, how I have to protect my energy or be ready to rest/self-care when they’ve completely depleted me.  (I used to think maybe I was a little crazy, but now I understand and realize why I have had to end some relationships in my life.)

If you’re a go-getter woman who’s looking for the tools for life-long success, please do yourself a huge favor and checkout Lindsay’s coaching at As a treat for my followers, Lindsay is offering a special $20 off  when you sign up for the Life Luvers Challenge at Simply use the code JENN20 at checkout and you can start building the life you dream, yes, even if you already are living a life you love!  There is no better use of your time and money, than bettering you.  You sweet friend, are worth it.  Trust me!

Be sure to subscribe to my blog, checkout my Instagram and stay tuned as I become an Unstoppable Woman in Lindsay’s next life coaching course.  I am beyond pumped to get started as I just had my first call today setting up two big goals to work towards!  What are waiting for?!



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