5 on Friday

Happy Friday!!

I hope you’re ending your week on a fabulous note.  The weather is unusually warm again today, so my early morning walk was very nice! I also hit up a Live Peleton Bike Bootcamp with Cody and did some core work.  I’m ready to tackle the day! I thought I’d share 5 quick things here on the old blog for you today.

  1.  If you have any sort of business nowadays, you MUST use social media!! I cannot tell you how many connections and therefore how much business we do with our real estate company, simply because we are out there on Facebook and Instagram.  Yes, we do run ads that cost money, but there are SO many free ways to get your name/company out there.  I will be sharing some more tips and tricks, but at the very least, get your “Store Front” started.  Make sure that if someone comes to your profile, they know who you are and what it is that you do.  I think one of the reasons we do so well on FB is that we share authentically.

2.  Have you made these oldies but goodies yet this Fall?  Simple 2 ingredient muffins! I used yellow cake mix, only because I couldn’t find spice cake.

1 box cake mix

1 can of pumpkin


Pour into muffin tin

sprinkle chocolate chips

Bake 350 for 20-25 mins!

3.  I haven’t share our little Fall mini photoshoot with the kids! I will upload them soon.  My babies just look so old here!!

4.  This is the newest home we just bought to offer as a rent to own.  I just have to ask, do you think we will have to flip the kitchen in order for it to sell?  OR do you think someone will take the 15k discount and buy as is?  It’s totally functional, just not ‘up to 2020 Flip or Flop’ standards.

5.  This quote really makes me feel all the feels.  I’ve been ‘waiting’ for some things for awhile.  When I do receive them, I know it’s going to be more than amazing.  It’s all about keeping the faith and focusing on being grateful for what I do have, in the process of working hard for what I truly want. 

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