Officially one full week into homeschooling. Another round of mentoring interviews. The chill in the air, Fall is near. The sky gets dark so early. It’s as though everything is the same as it always was, and yet all things different.

This morning as I rounded our small hallway to grab a kleenex from the powder room, my heart and mind went to our dog Bailey. She used to rest in her crate right by the garage door and laundry area. We re-homed her back in May and life has been so much quieter. There’s no longer the fear that she would kill Holly or any other dog for that matter. We all miss her soft velvety ears and the happy things about her. It’s so strange how thoughts creep out of nowhere; old habits pop into your mind, such as letting her out in the morning when it’s been months since doing so.

The children are adjusting well to learning with me at home. I find it necessary to plan little out of the house trips to get us all up and moving out of our normal routine. We’ve done the Zoo, nature walks, The GCM where we went back in time. Today we plan on taking them to a little pumpkin farm. We are reading Charlotte’s Web and I love that something as simple as reading them the book while they eat breakfast counts as school. It’s already been so very cool to see the “A-ha” moments in each of them. I will write questions on the little white board easel and without fail, little scratchy handwriting will respond.

There’s so much learning going on all around and that’s the true gift Joe and I want to give our kids. Learning doesn’t stop when you walk out of the school doors. It’s a lifelong process and with easy access to books and the internet, you can teach yourself about anything.

There are moments where I wonder should I have sent them off to school and focused solely on our businesses? The answer I always hear is no. I truly feel called as their mother to be with them right now. I spent so many years pouring into other people’s children, caring for them, nurturing them as much a I could in 42 minutes a day, sharing not only English lessons but lessons about life, love, empathy, and being a good human. I know our babies deserve that from me right now. I also have learned to not jump too far into the future and worry about what to do in a year, 2 years, 5 years…I believe it will all work out and what is meant to be will be. I can only focus on today, what can I accomplish in my world today.

It’s been so rewarding to grow a team with Joe. A year ago we had just two people working with us. Now we have a team of 6, plus Joe and I. It’s funny because we used to think we’d have to have a big business space and office to house everyone. The pandemic showed us that in fact anything is possible, with the right drive, consistency, desire & wifi — our team works from home! The gift of being able to allow other moms to be with their kids all day while making money is priceless.

I try to stay off social media in some regards, even though we run multiple businesses through it. It’s a tangled web woven over there in the digital realm. So many opinions, so much hurt, sadness, frustration and a whole heck of a lot of people wasting time with their fingers being mean rather than putting in the time to work to better themselves. It’s taking a lot of focus to not get wrapped up in silly online drama and just putting blinders on. We have a lot to be grateful for and a TON of people depending on us to help them in their journey.

I just felt like writing out my thoughts today on this Friday….so if you happened to read my words. Hello!! I see you, I know it’s a crazy time right now, but keep pushing. There is so much waiting for us up ahead. Enjoy today and keep dreaming big about your future!


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