10 Self Improvement Books (National Self Improvement Month)

Did you know that September is National Self Improvement Month? I just saw that it was and had to share some of my favorite personal development books with you guys! I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. I love all types of literature and when I met my husband (then boyfriend) he was actually the one who really got me hooked onto this genre. I’ve said it before, but I used to not think I “needed” self help. I literally laugh out loud at myself at this today, because sister, we ALL need help! It can really help break some bad habits, create new thought patterns and above all, become better versions of ourselves each day.

Joe actually recommended audio books as they are easier to listen to on the go (especially when you have a commute!). Here are my top 10 books that I would suggest if you are looking to up-level your life in anyway. Some are kind of old school, the language is a bit outdated, but the principals are the same. (Think and Grow Rich is a must for anyone desiring large amounts of money!)

I started with the book, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. This is a great one you can start and stop as many times as you need to! You could also just go to You Tube and find it there as well. It picks you up when you are feeling down and helps lifts you higher if you’re feeling great. #100 is still one of my favorite things to do!!

I chose this one for my long commute to and from teaching. I loved her simple messages and stories that really helped me change some of my thoughts.

This is Joes #1 recommendation. This book literally talks to us at different points in our lives. We continue to listen to it and I always pick it up and read from it randomly. There are so many little (and big!) ideas in here that will truly transform your life.

I remember getting this audiobook for a flight to AZ. Holy smokes did it fire me up!! Her language is a bit much for some people, but I am not easily offended. I love her kick ass approach to taking on life and getting what you want out of it. You deserve so much more than you realize, and Jen Sincero will point that out! Don’t be a crab! — if you’ve read this book you know the crab theory.

This one was a great kick in the pants at the right time. I still use this method (and need to be better about it) when I don’t want to do something. Mel Robbins tells you to count backwards 5,4,3,2,1– and your brain kicks it into gear and you’ll be able to just GO. Don’t sit and wait, waiting kills so many things!! Just go and do it. Done is better than perfect.

I read Gabby’s book a few years ago and just fell in love with her style and energy. The more resistance we have in life and the more we lead with fear, the less we are to get things that we want. We have to believe (which is the message in most of these books) and therefore we will achieve.

Good old Uncle G. If you don’t know Grant Cardone, then maybe try his book. He’s over the top and a bit much at times, but he knows a thing or two about being successful. The long and short of it, give it all you’ve got and then GIVE MORE.

My fabulous life coach Lindsay Preston told me to grab this read. It’s really good! It talks about how we as humans self sabotage when we are trying to get further ahead in life…our brains trick us and subconsciously we don’t believe we are worthy of the next big thing, so we can get sick or procrastinate…quite intriguing and worth spending some time on if you feel like you get close to where you want but never quite get there.

This book really helped me see the importance of a morning routine. I have had solid routines for awhile and then I slip back into sleep habits and make excuses. I currently am re-reading parts of it as I am seeing the NEED for some quiet mama time in the morning before our Stay at home work/school days begins. Good stuff & simple to follow!! (check out my old blog post here on this!)

Last but not least, I am about 1/4 way through this one and WOW. Tim Grover trained star athletes like Kobe, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade…just to name a few. His NO BS approach is extremely direct and each chapter is truth bomb after truth bomb. I will report more on this one later but it’s so good I had to share!

These are just 10 out of SO MANY amazing books that are out there. I feel like they all say something different to me if I read them at different times in my life. I appreciate all of the different forms that personal development comes in, and from all these walks of life! While Tim Grover is more of a hardcore, get-er-done along with Grant Cardone, I love it! I also really relate and appreciate Gabby Bernstein’s quiet voice who leads with love. There may just be one golden nugget from one of these books that could help launch you into your next level. The sky is truly the limit and when we believe that, we will achieve anything we set our minds to. You just have to find the right key, to your door for success, happiness, business, love life–it’s out there!

What are your favorite self improvement reads?

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